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Identity of the Holdings

The brand 2020 Holdings Dubai came to us to create their brand identity as well as the identity of their first property. We created a unique design which showcases the essence of the brand for both. The logo design for 2020 Holdings and 2020 Marquis were created to synchronize with each other so that their brand equity would increase across Dubai as they expand to further properties. The concept of branding started with choosing the right colour that represented the exact message to be conveyed. That’s how the perfect corporate identity for 2020 Holdings came about. We believe in the concept that all businesses have a story to tell. Hence we helped curate the perfect story that explained the best of 2020 Holdings. The story thus became the brand’s identity.

Fusing Ideas Together

Our efficient and skilled team strived to ensure that our branding techniques and ideas came out like a breath of fresh air. Since every brand is a unique, inspiring and an everlasting aspect of a company, we at Tablo Noir, time and again remind ourselves to nurture and develop out-of-the-box ideas into a strong brand identity while executing all this without compromising on quality and purpose. This idea was directly incorporated for 2020 Holdings. We gave a cent per cent justification to what their brand held. A detailed R&D went up in crafting the perfect brand techniques and identities.

Our whole idea is not just to create brands but an experience for the business.

Post a successful branding venture, our next focus was on giving 2020 Holdings a good online appearance in the form of a new state-of-the-art kind of a website.

The Mark of the Marquis

A brochure need not necessarily persuade your potential customer into becoming one. Brochures are generally used widely for displaying one’s brand or company. So when we started designing the brochure for 2020 holdings, we were aware that brochures are actually nothing but websites, only in a physical form. Hence we knew that the kind of design and effort required was the same as designing an actual website. We were certain that the brochure must contain all about who 2020 Holdings were, their legacy and what they have to offer.

The tone of the brochure was kept formal and also in an alluring manner, to suit all kinds of audiences who reach out to 2020 Holdings. We believe in the fact that brochures are not merely promotional elements but are a representation of an entire brand.

Content placements, icon and image placements were carefully selected to provide the brochure with a striking appearance. We concluded to not follow regular design patterns for 2020 Holdings and offered themes and designs that resonated well with the essence of the brand.

Uber Luxury Apartments Digitized

A brand-new uber-luxury affordable apartment complex in the heart of Dubai needed a unique online presence. The website was created to showcase the property as well as the facilities and amenities that this project had to offer. The design was created with a sophisticated look and feel for all to revel in the splendour of what 2020 Holdings Dubai is all about.

This modern living space deserved a contemporary and stylish outlook on their website. The website takes you through what 2020 holdings has to offer, right from their services to the location where the apartment is situated. The interface is very user-friendly and guides you throughout your time at the website. It is tough to miss out on the glorious features and aspects of 2020 Holdings. The website is a mere reflection of how posh and elite the brand is.

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