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Branding & Design

Consistency is the essence of great branding

Branding is the core for any firm. Brand design is at this core which aids in creating a distinct identity and charisma to promote your company, service or product. Communicating a consistent and distinct brand image to the world ensures a better positioning for the brand as well as increases brand awareness and in turn brand loyalty. Creating a good strategy is at the helm of creating a great brand and it ties in to how the targeted audience perceives your brand. Brand equity and image are imperative in creating a good ROI and we provide apt solutions to make that possible.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of a brand influences the way your target audience looks at your brand and connects with it. The who you are and how you wish to be seen by the market reflects in your brand’s visual identity. We dig deep to know more about your brand’s personality which in return will enable us to pick out a colour palette based on colour psychology. Following this the logo for your brand is designed along with choosing the font style. The colours chosen are employed in the logo, name and anywhere else it deems fit. Once we are done with this process, you will have a novel identity that will enable your employees and customers to know who you are and what product or service you are selling.

At Tablo Noir, we help our clients to build a brand that people are aware of, by making it as consistent and creative as possible.

Brand Name

As soon as people hear your brand name, their first impression of your business is set. Having the perfect brand name is imperative as it is how people will encounter your business initially. We craft the right name for new brands based on our clients and their business. We take into consideration the important characteristics that every name needs to establish itself in the minds of the customers and in the market like how distinctive it is, how easy it is to say, will it be easily remembered and most importantly is it able to express the kind of brand you are. Once we have a name that ticks off everything on the list, we have a winner!

We understand that naming a company is an overwhelming task since most brand names have long life spans. With our rigorous approach, we ensure that every name we create has permanence and success.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is important as it tells you what the next step for your brand is. Having a strong brand strategy helps establish your brand as being consistent, which in turn portrays it as a trustworthy brand. To develop a strategy, we dig deep. We uncover what your brand is, what your vision is, who your competitors are and find a unique way to showcase you to your target audience. This is the most essential part and it helps our clients develop brands that are true to what they believe in. This process is time-consuming and demanding but completely crucial as it helps us to unearth insights which will aid in curating a strategy that is unique to your brand’s requirements. Once we know everything about your brand, we will start conveying your brand to the world with all the intel we possess in our own systematic and programmed way.

At Tablo Noir we find the crux of what your brand is and build our strategy, which lays the foundation for all your branding needs.


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