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​​Melange Exhibition & sale
Logo, Social Media Management & Marketing & On-ground Branding

Fashion In Vogue

Melange has been synonymous with hosting exhibitions for the past 10 years and they showcase the best brands in fashion and accessories from all over India. The brand wanted an uplift in the design of their identity and thus we worked on a new design for their logo. The design was created to still bring out the essence of the brand while keeping the old identity in mind.

The Social Style Statement

The brand has these fashion exhibitions across India but their prominence in the social arena was less. They brought us in to showcase each event in social media and also drive traffic to the event.

The branding and marketing on Facebook was done in such a way that each event was marketed to their target audience and the posts about the exhibitors and about the event was continuously churned out and put up. This brought in a lot of traffic to their event pages as well as to their event.

Photo Booth of Fashion

At the event, the client wanted a space where customers could take a selfie or a photo to showcase that they were present. We created a photo booth design which was an add on to the overall design of the exhibition. The photo booth was a hit for all the attendees and many of them put it up on their social profiles and tagged us.

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