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The Dove experience

White Dove Nursery is a Dubai based state-of-the-art nursery with an international curriculum, which caters to working parents in and around there. We were lucky to get a call from them to help get their designs in sync with the brand.

Once the identity was in place, we needed to focus on improving the user experience online. Having the brand guidelines in place, we could bring out the essence of what White Dove Nursery is all about. Ease of access, versatility of the responsive design and a smooth transition to relevant information makes this website unique and resonates with the identity of the brand.

The Socially Active Dove

Social media plays a huge role for Nurseries, especially since the brand can engage and interact with parents who love to see their child enjoying themselves at the nursery. Managing the social media platforms and coming up with interesting campaigns for this unique, world-class nursery is fun and exciting and has kept us on our toes. Come and be a part of the Dove experience.

The Interactive Dove

To get the Dove out there, we created banners and standees which were placed in malls across the city. The colours, the content and the vibe of the brand were felt and this brought in quite a bit of curiosity, awareness and equity for the brand. The early Dove offer campaign helped to push this further, ensuring a sense of loyalty towards the brand.

The Informative Dove

The brand’s marketing collaterals were the focus for parents who wanted to enrol their children here. We came up with unique, subtle yet informative designs which were taken across all the communication materials for the brand.

The Door-to-Door Dove

We created a door hanger leaflet which showcased the campaign for the nursery. This concept and design was greatly appreciated and in-turn increased the awareness for the brand. The slight slit which is in the shape of a dove inspired customers to relate more and more with this amazing brand.

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