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​​Auroma Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

The King of the Road & Rail

Auroma Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a Pondicherry based logistics and supply chain management company which caters to all your transportation requirements. The Managing Director, Mr. Ajay Virmani was talking to us the other day and we were very impressed with what he was doing. He was not too sure about the digital space but then he was willing to take a chance with us. We delivered and we delivered big.

We created a website which was user friendly, easy to navigate, responsive which makes it easier to check on the go and of course ease of navigation on any browser. The design was created in such a way that his services were easily accessible and the clientele that he handles were showcased prominently. Guess what, there are some big guns in there. The website matched the colours and dynamics of the brand and is out there now in the online space for the world to see. If you have any logistics needs, you know where to go!!

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