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The Monkey With An Attitude

Drunken Monkey is an interesting smoothie and juice hangout spot with its origins in Hyderabad. Since its inception, the Monkey has been rapidly expanding through different part of the nation. We were lucky to get onboard during the initial phase of this creation.

The Monkey’s generals had approached us and wanted a new look for their website. We brain-stormed and after weeks of back and forth conversations, we can up with a brand-new design for the Monkey’s online look. The website had to showcase the Monkey, his generals, the identity of his treehouses, his social activities and finally, his elixirs to get high on. This website is user friendly, dashing and just what the Monkey ordered.

Just creating a website is never enough!! Search engine optimization is the next step to get the word out in the digital arena, that the monkey is here to stay. We came up with various permutations and combinations to get the word out on Google. After a bit, what do you know, Drunken Monkey was everywhere.

Monkey’s Peeps

The Monkey loves it fans and maintains a very active social presence. We manage and market all that the monkey has to offer on his socially active pages. Social media has helped the monkey increase his popularity and spend more time with his peeps. The Monkey loves sports and created a special menu for the cricket season. Tablo Noir had the privilege of showcasing all this to his peeps on social media. Join his fan following and get high on juice with him.

Monkey Mania

The Monkey needed to tell the world what elixirs he has under his umbrella and the offers which his peeps can get high on, so he asked us to come up with these designs. We were tasked to look into a new menu design which would showcase the essence of what the Monkey is all about. It didn’t stop there!! We brought out standees, cross-promotions, vouchers, posters, pamphlets and more to show the world, The Drunken Monkey.

The Monkey’s Signature Blend

Creating a whole new menu was the vision of the Monkey and thus we started out with coming up with a design which would showcase each section with the juices or smoothies under it. We made it easy for the customer to go through this and find what they were looking for in one glance and that was a feat by itself. This menu with 170 varieties was descriptive, image centric and too the point and made in such a way that it was easy to browse through in.

The Monkey’s Signs

The branding of each treehouse had a great evolution once we stepped into the Monkey’s team. Creating the bold façade of the brand, a few aspects of the interiors and the like made this more and more interesting. Each signage has a symmetry about itself but also had a unique distinction, making it all the more spectacular. The fact that wherever the Monkey goes, our work is showcased makes us proud.

The Monkey Going Digital

Creating a digital presence was the next step in the Monkey’s evolution! We optimized the Monkey’s attitude and took it far and wide so that the Monkey could reach all the corners of India. As the Monkey grew, so did the Monkey’s digital presence and this brought in a lot of visitors to the website. Whew, that’s a lot!

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