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​​UCMAS UAE International Competition

Competition Branding That Works

UCMAS has been having international competitions since 1995 which has brought together UCMASites from across the globe to participate in this world class event. This year, the UCMAS 21st International and 13th National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition was held at the Hamdan Sports Complex in Dubai, UAE. Every year the competition has an identity of its own and this year we had the opportunity to drive the branding for this.

First off, we needed to come up with a logo which showcased the essence of UCMAS and the competition. The flag as a hand holding the International Competition was another stroke of art which made this logo complete especially since it was being held in UAE.

Stroke of Arithmetic Genius

The next steps were to get the creatives done for the communication for the event. Without good communication, a brand is never really recognised. This led us to the in-house Souvenir magazine’s cover design which further brought out the brand. The delegates from across the seas were heading to UAE and thus an invite which brought out the brand colours and features was born.

Wearables with style

We wanted to take the branding of this event one step further and let all the participants carry the branding of this competition. Thus, the t-shirt design was born which was unique as it showcased the competition logo, along with all the flags of the countries where UCMAS is present coupled with the major sponsors.

Collaterals with a difference

Parent Handbook - This was one of the major aspects of the competition as it gave the relevant information about the competition and the flow of the event for the parents. The sponsorship proposal was another key area for which the design showcased all the information in a very modern way.

The winning stretch

This prestigious competition has many participants and winners and Tablo Noir had the opportunity to design the certificates for both. The design kept to the theme and maintained the colour palette and design structure through this.

Bag of surprises

Every competition needs a goody bag for the kids to take home containing full of surprises and the design had to showcase each aspect of the event. This bag was a treat for us to design and we enjoyed working on this. We were greatly appreciated for the designs for this event and may other UCMAS franchise owners approached us after checking out our designs.

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