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A Bite To Remember

This was a concept crafted and conceptualized by us for Pondicherry. The concept was to bring elements of France as well as the culture under one roof. Since Pondicherry has a mix of French and Indian cultures mixed together, we thought that we would bring this out to the masses. Thus, A Bite of France, the first Indo-French Food Festival in Pondicherry was born.

We first set out to create a name which would be synonymous with what we were working towards and this resulted in a simple yet crisp name “A Bite of France”. The next stage was to come up with the design of the logo which would have a typeface and colour schematic which would denote what the festival was all about. The identity of the brand was synonymous with French cuisine and culture.

The Digital Bite

Once the identity was created for the brand, we needed to move onto the next step in getting the word out through the digital space. We created a website which would showcase what was on offer for the festival and give stall owners and sponsors an opportunity to be a part of this festival. The website is responsive and brings to fruition the essence of what the festival was all about.

The Advertising Bite

We moved onto creating ads in the Hindu to target the population around Pondicherry. Each ad was unique and showcased the details of the event along with all the partners and sponsors for the event. The reach for this was far and wide and thus brought in a lot of people for the event.

The Social Bite

Once we tapped into the digital space, we needed to get the ball rolling in social media as our target audience is right there and it is the best way to get the word out in the market. This unique festival was one of a kind and the coverage on social media was extensive with ads and also showcased all the brands that were part of the festival. An event was created as part of the page and the number of people who were interested were pouring in.

A Bite of France

Finally, it was time to get the event started! The space was branded keeping the essence of the brand in mind with stalls, cultural activities, music, DJs and the setup was in line with how a festival would happen in the streets of Paris. Each of the sponsors were given their due branding spaces and the footfall was great. The entire festival went on for 3 days without a hitch and it made Tablo Noir’s name get out there in the market.

The event was inaugurated by the Consule Generale of France to Pondicherry & Chennai and the Honourable Chief Minister of Pondicherry. The entire festival went on for 3 days without a hitch and it made Tablo Noir’s name get out there in the market.

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