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Connecting Buyers and Builders (Social Media)

Atikramya is one of our most unique clients and once we brought them into the social arena, we concentrated on building the right target audience for them. Being property developers, their branding and marketing on Facebook and Instagram had to shake up their otherwise solid targets and this was done in a unique manner to represent their vision of providing the best of amenities at the most reasonable prices. This drove in more traffic than expected to their website and thus helped them get relevant buyers.

Luxury Shoutout! (Advertisement)

Since newspapers are still widely used by the majority of the population, we created designs for the client to advertise their properties in and around Chennai. The advertisement covered every significant detail of their property that is being sold and included in it details of offers if any. Since we were focusing on the traditional advertising medium, we decided to take it up a notch and created designs for hoardings of the various properties which could be put up at their respective locations.

The Blueprint (Web Maintenance)

Our highly equipped web developer handles their website to ensure that the webpage continues to entice and engage its audience. Web maintenance is also essential in maintaining their search ranking to advance to the next level in this competitive field. Regular information, project updates, news about upcoming projects, sales, offers, etc., are updated in a timely fashion to keep the customers well informed.

Find the Building (Digital Marketing)

Now that the website was updated our next step was to ensure that they were found on “Google”. We optimized their digital presence with both on page and off page submissions to make sure that people from all over can spot and invest in one of their gorgeous luxury villas and apartments. And invest they did! We even took it one step further and created a microsite to run Google Ads which really helped in their search engine marketing.

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