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The Social Drapes

The brand was not very active on social media and thus wanted to increase their presence in this ever so interactive arena. We curated content and designs which would speak volumes regarding the brand and the brands which they carry. This boosted the number of fans and followers who love what Drapes and Dreams has on offer.

The Drapes of Digital Dreams - A Classy, Luxury Makeover

Drapes and Dreams had started hosting many more brands under its various categories and wanted us to revamp its site to showcase these new brands. They were also physically moving to a new, bigger and better location and wanted to incorporate the new store on the website as well. All this led Tablo Noir to design one of the classiest websites out there to reflect the elegance and luxury of the brand. The content spoke of the inspiration, the journey of Drapes and Dreams so far, it’s goals and also gave a crisp but strong introduction about each of the many brands it hosted.

Since this was going to be an exhaustive site, we opted for a minimalistic and clean UI and UX to give the users a pleasant experience. The development included a smooth interface. Tasteful and chic animations were employed to mirror the essence of the brand throughout the site. The transition from one page to another or one section to another was seamless and fast. Also to showcase the new building in the new location, our designers and animators created a small animation when the home page loaded, which was a pencil drawing of the new structure which morphed gracefully into the actual building! We were happy that the clients loved this idea and that they liked the entire look and feel of the website.

The Drapes of Ads

To ensure that no one missed out on what was being offered, we decided to put them up on a couple of magazines that best suited their profile. The Ad’s focussed on the elegant home décors available including the beautiful and sparkling crystal chandeliers from Swarovski Lightning. This reached the right audience, increasing their client base.

Finding Your Dream

To help prospective clients find Drapes and Dreams, we had to optimize the largest search engine, Google. By doing this we put them on the map to be found by anyone who was looking to shop for luxury home décor, anywhere. The response was more than what we had hoped for leaving our clients thoroughly satisfied!

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