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All Geared Up for Automation

Having already worked on a website for their Bahrain branch, our task just got harder. We had to create something spectacular as the expectation was high. Keeping the essence of the brand in mind, we came up with a design which had the best of UI and UX combined. The client was ecstatic with the new look & feel and felt that it was a notch higher than their Bahrain counterpart. The Qatar website got so much prominence that even their partners were impressed with our work.

Mechatronics' requirement was to revamp the design to incorporate their new products and services on its website to offer greater customer experience and tracking purpose. Their aim was to enhance sales by acquiring new customers and recommend services and products to the existing ones.

We made sure to help receive maximum results in the form of resource utilization, a possible online venture, online prominence and helped to lower the overall costing in all aspects.

Adding a Slick Touch

We were determined to provide a 100% user-friendly and interactive web solution.

As their motto goes - “solution for all your automation needs”, we also designed the website in such a way that it proved to be a one-stop solution for all that the customer ever needed. We featured all their products and services quite prominently so the purpose of a website visit was solved. Their services were indeed well-spoken about; hence we gave an excellent UI experience interlinking each of their services to the other.

While implementing, we retained the soul of their brand and created an appropriate website so that existing users still feel connected to the brand. This was not just another website design so we decided to give it a new soul in the form of new features, interface enhancement and made it contemporary and aesthetically appealing. We emphasized more on the products and services by taking a minimalistic approach and gave the whole website an urbane look.

We were keen on not making the products look mainstream and hence gave a whole new look and feel to the same. Detailed insight into each product was provided. We displayed each and every product and gave variations whenever hovering around those sections. We always work and believe by the principle of providing the best quality services to our clients. The amount of work done is directly proportional to the profit obtained by the brand/company. Our aim is for the clients to receive maximum returns for the time, effort and money invested.

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