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A Stroke of Beauty and Brains

Though Oriflame is a well-established business, Ms. JasbeerUbhi wanted a prominent digital presence for her new venture in this and that is what we did. We had to create a sophisticated website keeping in mind the original brand and work around it to customize it for Ms. Ubhi. The website showcases a wide range of Oriflame cosmetics and also calls out for budding entrepreneurs to take this up as a business and enjoy its many perks and benefits one of which is being one’s, own boss.

Beauty meets the world

One of the finest distributors of Oriflame is Ms. JasbeerUbhi and she knew she wanted to make it big when she came in to meet us. This story is best told through her vision and goals. Apart from selling some of the best cosmetics, she wanted people to seize their lives and opportunities by making them entrepreneurs. Since cosmetics and beauty products are the main focus, we felt that having a good presence on Instagram would really help her. We steadily increased her follower base which in turn increased the number of people joining her team.

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