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The Royal Light

Swarovski Lighting Tamil Nadu wanted us to create a website for the brand which would showcase the products under the Swarovski and Schonbek umbrella. The design was to be adapted from the international brand, but we needed to take this and create it from ground up and get all the products and custom solutions showcased. The location and contact details were the one difference which needed to be highlighted

Crystal + Light on Social

The brand wanted a social media presence and thus we created a Facebook page and an Instagram account to promote the brand in the social space. The creative aspects of the lighting solutions and the custom solutions were the main target to be promoted and hence we have done so and showcased each of the Swarovski and Schonbek products on these pages.

Digitally Sophisticated Lighting

Once the website went live, the main criteria for the client was to get noticed on the digital front and thus we started organic optimization on Google to promote the brand. We worked on both on page and off page optimization exercises to ensure that the Google robots crawl and get the brand on the first page in Google.

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