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10 Social Media Trends for your Business in 2020 – 2021

July 21, 2020

2020 is a year of major advancements and changes in the digital world. With half a year gone, we already have numerous emerging trends. There are trends that have become quite prominent in no time. A social media presence is essential for all kinds of businesses these days. The most important factor is to stay active and relevant to continuous alterations in trends. For any business to grow bigger in the digital world, a Digital Marketing Agency is required. It helps establish the brand in a substantial manner. Here are 10 social media trends that are making it big in 2020.

Competitors are ONLINE Too

When it comes to staying active on social media, it is important that your competitor’s moves are also noticed. Every time a decision or a strategy is made, there requires strategy. Even if a single post is going up on social media, it should be strategically planned. Keep one of the most important factors in mind – your Competitors! Make due note of their strategies, their moves during seasons. The kind of posts they upload during social trends etc., this will help us make (right) decisions while planning. Remember, as we grow stronger, so do our competitors. Make sure you are in-line with your plans. Be wary of what they are up to. One of the biggest trends in 2020, is to study your competitors. Deep dive on their strategies to analyze your own strategic curve. See if you can use the same plan or to create one on your own.

Stories are still Criteria

Yes, most people on social media are putting up stories on their page. But do keep in mind that we are no longer patient enough to look through a trail of stories anymore. It is extremely crucial to keep your audience on their toes. Make sure to effectively engage them. Your target audience needs fresh content every single day. It is only a matter of time when they may find you boring/out-dated. Hence, staying live and updated on your page via stories. Make sure to keep your audience hooked from the beginning of your story. Always remember to stay relevant. Repeatedly iterating a particular brand will irk your audience.

Social Media Platform or Online Shopping Platform?

We all have that question now! Yes, social media has now become another e-commerce platform. You are bombarded with sponsored ads across platforms. Your searches are filled with all kinds of shopping goods. Our purchasing power has increased and so have the options. Small and Medium Businesses have directly taken it out to these platforms.

Most reputed brands have carved a niche for themselves on social media platforms. They have created a huge following, but they do not own a single physical store in the real world. Success can bestow upon oneself in any mode! Once you have set a strong social media presence, there is simply no going back! Make sure you sell quality goods and can understand the pulse of your audience.

Listen to their voices and interests and you can be an instant hit! Social Media has proven to be the best online shopping platform. It is bound to surpass stand-alone e-commerce sites, considering the spike in this current trend.

The major advantage of social media selling is that you can stumble upon a product and choose to buy it then and there because the price, quality, the review etc. are all right there. When these factors are fulfilled, your purchase is also done almost instantly.

10 Social Media Trends for your Business in 2020 - 2021 - Social Media Platform or Online Shopping Platform

Know the pulse of your Audience

This is a very important and long-lasting trend. The reason to choose a good social media strategy for your business to boom is the audience, the people. Hence, get to know their pulse, their interests and likes. It is also extremely important to know what they resent. All these factors can be found, thanks to the analytics and metrics provided by these social media platforms. All your business metrics, social media strategies depend on what goes with the audience and what doesn’t.

Personality is a Plus

Your social media entry may be for your business or for your passion to become an influencer. Either way, you need a unique selling factor/distinctive identity. The right attitude and personality are important. This helps portray yourself out to millions of users across the world.

There should be an extra aspect to entertain. Try to cater to the needs of people. These are the ones who value your brand, products. They may value you as a person or influencer. Gain people’s trust and set an example to receive abundant profits. An exclusive identity is what people are on the lookout for. So make your presence as authentic as possible. Reflect the vibes of the audience.

10 Social Media Trends for your Business in 2020 - 2021 -  Personality is a Plus

IGTV is happening!

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. It is going to shape the entire marketing approach. This is true for all scales of businesses in the coming years. Instagram TV or IGTV has taken the social media world by storm! This is a video channel in an extended version. We can post videos on our page using another stand-alone app. Both iPhone and Android users can gain access to it. Previously, the video span for Instagram was short. But, this feature helps to showcase videos for as long as 10 minutes now. This is more like YouTube on a social media platform. The video format must be in an MP4 file. Instagram is continuously preparing interesting features for creators and influencers. It is giving them more options to make effective business through constructive content.

Social Media Diversity

A few years back there were only 2-3 prominent social media platforms that people used. They were also used by a certain age group only. But these days, there are numerous apps and platforms to market one’s business. Also, came in promotional techniques. Other major applications apart from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are Reddit, Snapchat, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. Most of these platforms have also become a hub for online shopping. Businesses have increased the revenues in leaps and bounds. One of the major revolutions of these online platforms is the online businesses and e-commerce merger.

10 Social Media Trends for your Business in 2020 - 2021 - Personality is a Plus - Social Media Diversity

Connect Often/Go Live

How often do you see an influencer/business-person or your own favourite celebrity go live? It is essential to connect with your audience or followers, time and again. It is a form of remarketing in technical terms. The more you connect, the more you get to know your followers. The entire purpose is to strike a chord with your followers as it is a form of assurance.

You can boost pre-announcements regarding your live appearance across platforms through organic and paid means. It is important to address your purpose and answer right to the queries thrown by followers. These frequent connections will help understand your followers better. You can cater to their needs accordingly. This is a current trend and is used across platforms to connect with friends and followers by people from all walks of life.

10 Social Media Trends for your Business in 2020 - 2021 - Personality is a Plus - Connect Often Go Live

Fewer Posts

A few years back, posting pictures was a huge trend. People often clicked pictures and posted online. But as years flew by, with the intervention of stories and IGTV, videos, etc., posting pictures have become less of a trend and it may continue to decline. Stories help post numerous pictures. The engagement given for stories are more than likes/comments for posts on a scale of comparison. Hence, the trend of posting has been limited to occasions and events currently.

Influencer Marketing

With more online businesses in place, there is a need to promote it. Social media ads are run to expand followers, conversions etc. But people expect genuineness and credibility for a product or a brand. Influencers thus set their strong foot on social media platforms. An individual with considerable followers can endorse a particular product or a brand. This will attract potential buyers for the same.

Influencers are categorized as paid influencers, referrers and loyalists, to name a few. For instance, an influencer reviews a product after trying it. This will assist in converting their followers into customers. That’s how a product comes into the spotlight on social media platforms. Influencer marketing not only works for brands and products but also for events or for a cause.

10 Social Media Trends for your Business in 2020 - 2021 - Influencer Marketing

These were few social media trends that will rule 2020 and parts of 2021. However, technology develops each day. Social media platforms evolve time and again. Know how Tablo Noir prepares for changing trends and helps clients rule social media platforms to expand businesses.

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