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Digital Marketing Services

If you want to be seen and heard, digital is the next frontier

Just having a website alone is not enough for customers to discover you. Our digital marketing services which include Search Engine Optimisation tools, helps to ensure that we will drive traffic to your website, engage visitors to stay on each page and convert clicks into revenue.

Search Engine Optimization

Due to the continuous changes being made to Google’s algorithm, the SEO industry is constantly evolving. While this is changing the one component that does not change is the on-page and off-page activities. These can be worked on smartly to achieve the aim of SEO, which is to make your website appear higher up on the search engine results page. Every business wishes to have a strong digital presence in our digital world and SEO if done right helps with that. We develop an SEO strategy and then work on it to optimize it. By doing this we read into the minds of the consumers to see what business, products and services interest them and then we connect them to your website through SEO. We understand the importance of relevant content, keyword targeting and long-tail keyword targeting. Therefore we rely on tried and tested ways to optimize your website.

We give your business a personalised strategy and drive the right traffic to your website by giving it more visibility through our SEO process.

Search Engine Marketing

In a progressively competitive market, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that there is an increase in your website's visibility in the search engine results page (SERP). When a customer is looking in a search engine to purchase a product or a service, sponsored ads pop up on the top or sides of the SERPs. After much consideration, an exhaustive audit, research on industry practices and analysis of the competitors, we design ads that are tailored for your brand’s specific needs and target your audience at the right time to promote engagement. Right from display ads to mobile ads, we design the most interesting of ads to resonate with and capture the attention of your audience.

At Tablo Noir we relentlessly monitor and optimize the data we receive and present them to you in a clear, concise and creative way.

Social Media Marketing

In our current age, social media is the most ideal way to engage with your target audience. To be able to engage with your audience in real time through conversations and events is what social media has given us. Employing this powerful tool the right way enhances your online presence and increases brand awareness and brand consideration in no time at all. To accomplish this, we do research on your business, its goals and visions and about your target audience. These data and insights help us to curate design plans and strategies that will boost your brand on social media to reach the right audience at the right time. We integrate community management, influencer incorporation, campaign running and social listening in our social media marketing to further develop awareness of your brand's existence.

More and more people are employing social media every day and we understand the importance of reaching your target audience digitally in these platforms, as it will enhance your relationship with them.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great marketing strategy to get prospective clients, businesses and brand enthusiasts interested in your product or service by creating relevant, engaging and valuable content. Content marketing if done correctly will bridge your inbound marketing to your target audience. We toil tirelessly to understand your target audience and their wants to design content that reaches and excites them. We also look into your competitors and do an extensive research on keywords to create content that is relatable and relevant. From websites to blog posts and video collaterals to infographics, we curate content that converts.

Tablo Noir, as a prominent Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai, utilises content marketing which proves to be a great marketing strategy to get prospective clients.


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