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How Content Marketing Help SEO for Ranking Website

April 13, 2020

Every business’ ultimate goal is to increase its client base and reach new heights. This is done by creating awareness amongst people about the existence of the said business. The website of a company is that which is viewed first by a prospective client through a search engine. But while looking for a particular product or service, a number of related websites. It might include yours, show up. So how do you make your website rank higher on the SERPs (search engines)? Through SEO and content marketing, hence it is a proven theory that a good content marketing strategy helps improve SEO results in drastic levels.

The Internet is making more and more noise with each passing day. This means so many thousands of posts on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so many millions of searches on Google and other search engines happen every minute. Amongst all this noise, if your company’s website needs to stand out, content marketing is what will help. Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand to pass Google algorithm and get higher SERPs (search engines). But the major difference being SEO is very specific to nature. Whereas content marketing can be generic and vast. SEO and content marketing may seem like two different entities. But they always blend and are coherent with each other.

Quality content is what matters and it is the key to optimize your website. This is because it is the content that feeds a company’s SEO. Quality content means that the content should be unique, informative, original and authentic. Quality content should be invested in to yield higher rankings through organic searches. It also ensures higher traffic to your site. A good content marketing strategy helps in areas even beyond SEO, SERPs etc., it does play a pivotal role in improving your sales and leads.

Quality Content

Content helps search engines to get to know everything about your company. Search engines rely heavily on words and the keywords given to know what the business is and what they are selling. Without the right content, there isn’t anything for the search engines to crawl. Sometimes even with the right keywords given, then your website created will not reflect in the SERPs. This is due to the absence of good/quality content. Precisely, good content is directly proportional to the quality of SEO. A substantial content is what is exactly required to lure in traffic to your website. To make an efficient content marketing plan and deliver quality SEO.

5-tips-on-how-content-helps-seo - Quality Content

More Time Spent = Higher Ranking

If your website visitors enjoy what they are reading, they are most likely going to spend more time on it. When a site seems engaging, it means that the readers find the content useful. It must be relevant, funny or informative, thanks to good work done. The website pays off in SEO, as well. For these reasons, according to search engines, when more time is spent on your site it equals good content. If a visitor lands in your site but jumps back out into the listings page, this is taken into account by the search engine. It will take it into account that there was no quality or relevant content. Then, it will reconsider your SERPs ranking. SEO and content marketing are very similar in one aspect. It is to stay unique and try to rank the first for the same.

5-tips-on-how-content-helps-seo - More Time Spent = Higher Ranking

Links Bring Value

Inbound links play a vital role in the ranking of search engines. This is due to the fact that visitors can find your site through them. Inbound links tell search engines that your site is important. Any business that gives away free links jeopardizes the credibility and value of their website. It also brings down their organic rankings. This is why links are needed and earned. Unique, quality content is the answer for other websites to link yours in theirs. All these factors contribute to a good content marketing strategy. This will, in turn, help give quality SEO results.

5-tips-on-how-content-helps-seo - Links Bring Value

Sharing Increases Ranking

With different online portals available, if someone likes what they’ve just read, they find ways in which they can share it in all these portals. This is where the above said links play another important role. When a reader appreciates informative, fun, educational or useful content, it is instantly interacted with. The signs are by giving thumbs up, by commenting on it or by sharing the link to another platform. These are signals that search engines read to evaluate a given piece of content. When the content is great, it is given a higher ranking. Hence, SEO is directly affected by the kind of content marketing strategy that is used. SEO’s requirement is always satisfied with good strategies made by using content marketing.

Keep the Content Relevant

Living in a fast-paced competitive world, we need to keep working on what we sell and ourselves. Though a great, unique content is what we aim to create, just one won’t do. There is a need to update new, quality content over and over again to stay on par with the competition. Quality content should help top search engines. If the content is relevant and timely, it adds to ranking your site high on the SERPs. Search engines take it into consideration when more newsworthy and timely content is published. This leads to advancing your search ranking.   An SEO content basically helps attract search engine traffic onto the site. Hence, SEO and content marketing go along with one another. It helps enunciate the goal of topping onto the SERPs. Content Marketing also best works with good SEO technique implementation.

Content marketing not only satisfies the basic needs of a website. But also factors like alt tags for images, description for pictures and so on. But it also works to organically strengthen the factors for SEO in the form of blogs, articles etc., where essential keywords can come in place. New, relevant, fresh, unique, informative and quality content is what will help to optimize the search engines. For every reader who spends more time on your site, the more brownie points you get. Since this is what search engines interpret as quality content. To always stay high on the SERPs (search engines), content marketing is a must. This produces long-lasting organic results. Signs of quality content marketing reflect in SEO.

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